You can now pre-order a 24k gold iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 is coming to market soon, and as people clamour to get the new device, others want their soon to be outdated phone to have a timeless quality.

How do they want to do that? They want to cover them in gold.

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Gold Genie has their glamorous phone on presale right now and you can preorder the 24k gold case for around $3,400 (£2,600).

Or if you want to do something a little different you can get the case in rose gold or platinum for the same price!

If you have an expendable 3400 dollars for a customized Apple iPhone why not add an extra grand in so you can have the 24k gold phone covered in diamonds, on the side and with a diamond covered apple logo.

To reserve this custom phone you do have to put down a deposit of 50% of the money.

The phone does come in a premium cherry case, because you don't keep your golden phone in your pocket like a regular person.

The bonus of paying extra for a golden phone is that you will already have your phone reserved, unlike those who have to wait for the official launch of the iPhone 8 on September 15th.