Woman who died in 1997 is still receiving pension

The payments have totaled almost $73,000


Wilmington, a town in the USA, has just made a rather unusual discovery.

They found out that they have been sending pension payments to a woman who's been dead since 1997.

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The unnamed deceased person has had $150 in spousal benefits deposited into an account every other week since June 1974.

The payments, which should have stopped upon her death in November of 1997, have totaled almost $73,000.

An out of business company called Comserve has been cross-checking death certificates and Social Security records semi-annually for the city of Wilmington, however the deceased person in question was not documented in the Social Security records.

Representatives for the city say there was no returned mail or any other indication that this person was dead.

They have now turned the case over to authorities for a possible criminal investigation.

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