Thousands fight to get 12p burger - but there's a catch

Onlookers said the situation was 'potentially dangerous'


Thousands of people descended on a fast food joint after it announced its special promotion of 12p burgers.

Pandemonium erupted when Zark's Burgers - a popular burger chain in the Philippines - announced that the deal was limited to the first 80 customers in celebration of their eighth anniversary.

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Scenes created by the overwhelming response to the cheap burgers - which usually cost £2.26 - on Monday have been compared to hit TV show Game of Thrones on social media after people climbed railings and trampled each other to be among the lucky few.

Footage captured a mass of people crammed together as they waited for the store to open its doors.

In a frenzy, people began to surge forwards as loud screams were heard from the crowd.

Hungry punters appeared to shove and push each other as they jostled for the prize position of one of 80.

A police officer struggled to subdue the crowd as the stream of people entering the store built up momentum.

Thousands descended on the burger joint in scenes akin to Game of Thrones

Footage captured a mass of people crammed together as they battled to get hands on deal

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Pauline Cabal Estrada went down to the SM San Mateo outlet in Manila for a 12p burger but said she changed her mind when she saw the queue.

"As I saw the running people and all their screaming, I changed my mind," she told Mashable .

"I just [stood] back as I saw people bigger than me."

She added that the situation was becoming "potentially dangerous".

Zark's trademark burger - The Ultimate Burger - is loaded with beef, bacon and lots of cheese.

The company has 29 stores across the Philippines, with the one-day-only promotion valid across each of its stores.

Zark's Burgers said in a statement posted to Facebook on Monday: "We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience experienced by patrons and other mall shoppers unintentionally brought about by this celebration that was intended to thank all of you for eight years of loyal support and patronage.

"We would also like to thank all officers, mall managers and security teams for ensuring everyone's safety."

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