Nightmare neighbour jailed after accusing couple of being paedophiles

Johnathon Warner-Johnson set out on a seven-year campaign of hate


Credits: Metropolitan Police

A neighbour from hell has been jailed over a seven-year campaign of hate which came to an end after his victims set up a CCTV camera.

Johnathon Warner-Johnson, 52, accused the couple of being paedophiles, wrote cruel letters about a relative with Down's syndrome and poisoned their plants with weed killer.

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He bombarded them with 200 derogatory letters, damaged the family's cars and tossed rubbish in their back garden.

All the while the couple had no idea he was responsible for the campaign.

They confided in him as they expressed their anguish and upset, and he sent hate letters to himself to cover his tracks.

Credits: Metropolitan Police

Johnathon Warner-Johnson, 52, has been jailed for terrorising his neighbours

Credits: Metropolitan Police

Warner-Johnson was caught after the victims set up a CCTV camera

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But the couple set up a CCTV camera which caught him pouring weed killer over plants and the lawn in an early morning attack last July.

And police who were first alerted to the letters when the malicious campaign began in 2009 became suspicious last June when a letter was received purporting to be from another neighbour.

The writing matched the previous letters and information in the letter had only been shared with Warner-Johnson.

Credits: Metropolitan Police

Warner-Johnson poisoned the couple's plants with weed killer

After seeing the CCTV footage they arrested him at his home in Wellhouse Road, Beckenham, south London, last December.

Officers found a folder containing copies of the letters and address stickers.

He was charged in April with one count of criminal damage and two counts of stalking and he was jailed for 28 months after pleading guilty at Croydon Crown Court this week.

Credits: Metropolitan Police

Warner-Johnson poisoned the couple's plants with weed killer

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He was also handed a 20-year restraining order and ordered to pay £1,959 compensation £279.85 for each year of the harassment.

Scotland Yard do not know what drove Warner-Johnson to carry out the crime.

Detective Constable Liz Truan, Bromley CID said: "Over a seven-year period, Warner-Johnson launched a calculated malicious campaign against his neighbours.

"His hate campaign brought significant alarm and distress to them over a prolonged period and it is right he has been jailed and handed such a long restraining order."

Neighbours from hell

Neighbours from hell

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