Asda makes 'Isle of White' spelling mistake on opening day

First Isle of Wight store launched with one small hiccup...


Asda makes 'Isle of White' spelling mistake on opening day

The opening of the first Asda store on the Isle of Wight has left bosses red-faced - after special-edition bags produced to mark the occasion read the 'Isle of White'.

Doors to the Newport store were opened on Monday and shoppers were offered the chance to purchase bags designed by two island children, of which 10,000 were printed with the spelling mistake.

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A spokesman told the BBC: "This was a genuine printing error and we're in the process of reproducing the exclusive design to get back on sale as quickly as possible.

"We're hanging our heads for making such a silly mistake on our bags for life for our new Isle of Wight store."

The gaffe has been pointed out by locals on social media, of course.

And Isle of Wight Radio tweeted: "Isle of What?"

According to the Guardian, some users were a little scathing about the mistake, with one writing: "My irony-meter is in overdrive as #Asda has to throw 10,000 'bags for life' in the bin after printing mistake."

Others were a little more sympathetic, with one writing: "Most marketers will feel a degree of sympathy here... it can happen to the best of us."

The Telegraph reports that the unusual spelling is thought to have derived from an ancient word Wiht, which came from the Beaker Peoples who arrived on the isle circa 1900BC. The word means 'raised' and is possibly a reference to the island literally being raised above the waves.

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