Miniature Mona Lisa portrait goes on sale for £1 million

An unbelievable level of precision was required to create the picture

A £1m miniature copy of the Mona Lisa has been painted using the hair of a fly.

The tiny work has now been framed in the eye of an exact replica fake of the famous Da Vinci portrait.

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Dubbed the 'greatest micro sculptor on Earth', Willard Wigan MBE has teamed up with the 'world's finest living art forger', John Myatt for the unique work of art.

'Mona Lisa: Secret in the Eye' is now available to purchase through luxury website at £1 million.

The site states: "The microscopic rendering of the portrait measures under 1mm squared. One can just about detect, with the naked eye, that Mona Lisa's right pupil has something within it."

Adding: "Wigan, who has to go into a trance-like meditative state to slow down his nervous system so he can work between heartbeats, has somehow managed to capture the protagonist's distinctive features on the most miniscule of canvases."

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