Incredibly expensive castles you can rent

You'll need to save up for a long time...


Have you always dreamed of living in your very own castle?

Well now you might actually have the chance to do so!

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But be warned, these properties are not cheap, you'll have to fork out a whopping sum to spend the night there.

Take a look at these three pricey suggestions and see which one you'd like the most.

Thornbury Castle

This epic estate in the South West is only about a two-hour drive from London. Just north of Bath and Bristol, Thornbury is the only Tudor castle open as a hotel. Walk the grounds that King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn explored on their honeymoon. This 500-year-old home will set you back around £70,000 a week for up to 40 guests

Chateau de Farcheville, France

About an hour outside Paris, this stunning chateau may as well be its own private island. The property boasts a private spa, theatre, flower garden, helipad and moat. You can rent the 22 bedrooms for around £23,000 per night.

Glenapp Castle, Scotland

This stunning property can be found on Scotland's west coast, 75 miles south of Glasgow. The castle sits on a 36-acre estate overlooking the Firth of Clyde coastal waters. You can book the 28 bedrooms for about £85,000 per week for up to 50 guests.

The most expensive rental property in the UK

The most expensive rental property in the UK