Cat accidentally starts kitchen blaze causing £24,000 of damage

The pet managed to turn on the touch sensitive stove


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A "curious" cat burned down a family's kitchen when it jumped onto a cooker and switched it on, sparking a huge blaze.

Emmy caused $40,000 (£24,000) of damage at the home in Hillcrest, Adelaide, South Australia, when cereal boxes ignited on top of a touch sensitive stove she had stepped on.

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She was rescued by firefighters after neighbours alerted emergency crews to an activated smoke alarm at the house just before 7pm on Tuesday.

No-one was injured in the fire .

Homeowner Jordan Pana, 42, who lives at the property with his sons Amos, 16, and Oska, 13, said he raced home after he was informed by a neighbour of the blaze.

Credits: The Advertiser

Emmy caused the blaze by accidentally switching on a cooker

Credits: The Advertiser

Cereal boxes on the stove ignited and sparked the blaze

Stubborn cat takes firemen on hilarious rescue mission while eluding crew trying to save him from pole

He told the Adelaide Advertiser : "The firefighters got here within seconds, they busted in the house and put the fire out - They reckon if it had burned for another three minutes the whole place would've been up, we're very lucky.

"I remembered there was a couple of cereal boxes on the stove and then I put two and two together and figured she must've got on the stove and turned it on and off it went,"

"Emmy is a very cheeky cat - she's very curious and curiosity got the better of us."

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Firefighters said $40,000 worth of damage was caused in the blaze

Credits: The Advertiser

Emmy was described by "cheeky" and "curious" by her owner

Firefighters find 'terrified' cat stowed away in their fire engine

Fire crews issued guidance to residents about their cooking appliances in light of the incident.

South Australia Metropolitan Fire tweeted: "Family cat accidentally caused $40K house fire @ Hillcrest. If ur cooktop has a power switch, turn power off when not in use. Nil injuries."

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