Crazy money offered for Trump lookalike - could you do it?

You could make thousands from being a lookalike - even if you don’t look like anyone famous


US President Donald J. Trump

Do you look like Donald Trump? Could you stay in character for up to eight hours at a time? Are you happy to get your hair coiffed on a daily basis and a spray tan every week?

If so, then you could earn £50,000 a year for your trouble. In fact, you don't have to look like Trump to make money from the business - you don't have to look like anyone at all.

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The job has been advertised by Team Tactics, which is looking for someone to play POTUS on its Apprentice-themed corporate treasure hunts. It says: "The pay is so high due to the unpopularity of Donald Trump in the UK and the demands of the job, as candidates must stay in character for hours at a time. This, coupled with the unique appearance of the president means finding somebody suitable is proving more difficult than the founders anticipated."

The job isn't quite the glorious money-spinner is sounds, as you won't be working full-time. The pay actually works out as £200 per day, but that's still pretty good money for showing up and saying 'Bigly' a lot.

Can you do it?

To make money as a lookalike, it helps if you actually look like someone (at least a bit). If you have a passing resemblance to a celebrity, you can invest in wigs and clothes, take a few photos, and get yourself signed up to an agency. For the right celebrity in the right location, you can make £100 a day.

If you have a particularly impressive resemblance to the celebrity, you can make even more. Those at the very top of their game - and those who look like someone at the peak of their fame - can make as much as £500 for a four-hour session - although you'll need to pay 20% to most agents.

There are a few outliers who make really crazy money. Heidi Agan, the world's top Kate Middleton lookalike, for example, makes up to £3,000 a day.

There's the odd look-a-like, who is trying a new approach to the business. Thaddeus Kalinoski, for example, bears a striking resemblance to Zach Galifianakis (when he was playing Alan in The Hangover), so he moved to Las Vegas, where people hired him for $1,000 to party with them. He was making £205,000 a year, before he decided to call it a day.

What if you don't look like a celeb?

You could even make money from the industry if you don't bear a resemblance to anyone., for example is currently advertising for Santa lookalikes, and anyone with the ability to grow a beard and dye it white could qualify. It is recruiting for a number of garden centres around the country, with pay of £9.55 an hour. An 8-hour shift would therefore earn you £76.40.

Similarly, if you're willing to don a princess outfit and have a passing resemblance to Belle, Moana or Anna, you could earn £20 an hour for Princess-themed party entertainment. If you could cram in a couple of parties a day, you could make £80 for four-hours of smiling and being nice to children.

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