146-year-old port found in cellar goes on sale

How much will it sell for?


Two Victorian bottles of port are set to go on sale at Hansons Auctioneers.

The alcohol, believed to be one of the oldest bottles of port in the UK, dates back to 1871.

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The two bottles were found in the cellars of a manor house in Gloucestershire.

Isabel Balmer, who works in values, said: "Our wine and spirits valuer has been fortunate enough to sample some of these."

She added: "The vendors have got some open bottles, and he said that it was incredibly smooth and one of the most delicious ports he has ever tasted."

The 146-year-old port goes on sale in September but how much could it sell for?

Staff at Hansons say they wouldn't be surprised if they went for £500-600.

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