Pet owner spends £115 a month on pink pooch

Laura Schakosky has even hired a nanny for her dog Jewel


Laura Schakosky, a devoted dog owner, spends hundreds of pounds on her pampered pooch has confessed to even hiring a nanny to tend to her needs when she's out of the house.

Blinged-up miniature Yorkshire terrier Jewel, believed to be around seven years old, turns heads wherever she goes with her Screaming Pink fur dye.

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The dye is repeated every five weeks and costs a whopping $150 (£115) per sitting.

According to Laura, the groomers use vegetable dye which does not harm the pooch.

Alongside the grooming sessions, Jewel receives around $500 in treats each year.

The dog even has her own wardrobe complete with dresses and trainers.

Many people think Laura is barking mad but she thinks Jewel is worth every penny!

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