The rarest £2 coin revealed - have you got one in your change?

The England Commonwealth Games £2 coin
The England Commonwealth Games £2 coin

One £2 coin is worth as much as 16 times its face value - but you'll have to look carefully to check if you've got one.

According to the ChangeChecker scarcity index, the England Commonwealth Games £2 coin is currently the UK's rarest, and can change hands for up to £32. Other rare £2 coins generally sell for between £6 and £8.

The site rates its scarcity level at 100.

"Jumping up two places and from an Index score of 81, the England Commonwealth Games £2 coin takes the crown this quarter, benefiting from extra swap interest," says Luke Hearn of ChangeChecker.

"However, there are no great surprises when you look at the other top four £2 coins, which comprise the other Commonwealth Games coins. Indeed, the average Scarcity Index Score for the four Commonwealth Games coins has jumped almost 10 points for 85.5 to 94.75."

But you'll need sharp eyes to see if your £2 coin is the England one. All the Commonwealth Games coins have the same basic design, apart from the tiny national flag to the left of the centre of each coin.

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Meanwhile, Jemima Puddle-duck has been confirmed as the most sought-after Beatrix Potter 50p, thanks to the low number produced - but the Kew Gardens 50p hangs on to its top spot as the UK's most sought-after circulation coin, selling for up to £80 on eBay.

And the Sir Isaac Newton 50p makes its entry into the rarity charts at number 23, after its surprise limited release into circulation last month. "That will certainly be one to watch over next quarter," says Hearn.

The ten most sought-after £2 coins (scarcity index)
Commonwealth Games England: 100
Commonwealth Games Scotland: 94
Commonwealth Games Wales: 93
Commonwealth Games Northern Ireland: 92
First World War Centenary (Navy): 69
Olympic Handover: 67
London 2012 Handover: 60
Olympic Centenary: 58
Mary Rose: 54
Shakespeare Comedies: 50

The ten most sought-after 50p coins (scarcity index)
Kew Gardens: 100
Football: 84
Judo: 84
Triathlon: 82
Wrestling: 81
Tennis: 60
Goalball: 59
Jemima Puddleduck: 58
Rowing: 48
Handball: 47