Bickering burglars caught on CCTV being spooked by alarm

The masked suspects are being searched for by police



Three 'armed burglars' were caught bickering on camera - moments before apparently being spooked by a house alarm.

The masked suspects are being searched for by police after footage emerged of them allegedly carrying out a botched raid on a property.

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The men are accused of breaking into the house in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, on June 28 at around 2pm, with two wielding weapons.

They were caught on CCTV inside the house, the Birmingham Mail reports.

In the extraordinary clip, the group can be seen getting tetchy with each other as the alleged break-in goes from bad to worse.


Police are hunting the three suspects who were caught on CCTV


One of the men paces around the house in Ashbourne, Derbyshire

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The trio run up and down the stairs before eventually getting spooked by a house alarm, according to the footage.

The men allegedly took jewellery before a burglar alarm sounded.

CCTV footage from inside the house shows one suspect apparently holding a crowbar while another is seemingly armed with a knife.


A camera in the corner of the room records the men arguing about which one of them had allegedly stolen jewellery


The three men 'flee' the house after being spooked by a house alarm

At one point, one of the men, wearing a black balaclava, stops on the stairs and says to his accomplice: "Did you get it?"

They then 'fled' the house – prompting memories of the classic 1990 film Home Alone .

A police spokesman said: "We have released the CCTV footage in a bid to identify the men.

"The footage also includes the men speaking and people may be able to identify them by their voices."

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One of the bungling trio lags behind the others as they all leave the house

Witnesses or anyone with information should call DC Tim Brown on 101, quoting reference 17000273250.

Alternatively contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800555111.

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