Seven unbelievable robberies - including bizarre cheese theft

From a huge block of cheese, to a wall and a lawn - the most unusual heists

Toasted crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside hot grilled cheese sandwiches

Wyke Farms cheesemakers have offered a £500 reward for the return of two massive blocks of prize-winning cheese, stolen this week. They speculated that it may have been stolen to order and shipped overseas. As heists go, it's a fairly weird one, and it makes it to our hall of fame of bizarre robberies.

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The 20kg vintage cheddars had been awarded the top prizes at the Yeovil show, and had been left in a marquee to be viewed by members of the public the following day. Thieves slipped in overnight and took the two blocks of cheese - and the certificates.

The cheesemakers pointed out it was a planned heist, because the cheeses would have been tricky to take: they weigh about the same as a bag of sand.

Hall of Fame

Massive blocks of cheese take their place in the hall of fame of bizarre things to steal. And there are plenty of other oddities to keep them company.

£20,000 worth of Jammie Dodgers
The thieves took a lorry and trailer from a Jammie Dodger factory in Cwmbran. The trailer was later found abandoned, but the biscuits had gone. They were sentenced to a total of 11 years in prison, and some of the gang members shouted 'anyone want a biscuit?' as they were taken to the cells.

30,000 condoms
Thieves robbed a warehouse in Las Vegas in May, and took 30,000 condoms. They then returned the next day to take boxes of sex toys worth thousands of pounds. The owner of the warehouse posted a blog saying: "What kind of party were they having?"

£3,000 of Lego
In the same month, thieves stole Lego in a number of raids on toy shops in Poole and Bournemouth. In each case the two men and two women loaded up a trolley full of Lego, and then pushed it out of the store.

A wall
During the Easter holidays this year, thieves made off with 50 stones from a wall in Didsbury Road Primary School, in Heaton Mersey, Stockport.

Bedroom furniture
In July, thieves in Yaroomba, Australia broke into a home with an odd target in mind: they stole the bedroom furniture. They took two bedside tables and lamps, a console and a wall carving. They then moved items from the living room in to the bedroom, in an effort to hide the fact the furniture had gone. The owner pointed out that all the usual theft targets - including electronics and the TV - had been left just where they were.

A lawn
Back in 2014, thieves took an entire front lawn from a garden in Skelmersdale, Lancashire - which had just been laid with new turf. They were filmed by the neighbour's CCTV camera, which even shows them halfway through the job, sitting on the wall and having a cigarette. The thieves were jailed for three months.

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