London house-movers face the most stress

How to make it all a little easier


London house movers experience the most stress

Moving house is generally rated as one of the most stressful experiences in life, right up there with bereavement and divorce.

It generally marks a huge change in life as you get used to a new area and routine, and you're hugely dependent on others during the move itself.

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According to a new survey from price comparison site MoneySuperMarket, the biggest causes of stress are the process of physically getting everything into your new home, closely followed by slow or no wifi and not having a working kitchen.

Its Moving Stress Index scores 30 of the UK's biggest cities against factors including the number of local delivery companies, broadband speed, child care availability and local 'happiness levels'.

And, it says, the home-movers given the easiest ride are people moving to Wolverhampton, Manchester or Nottingham, with those heading for London, Edinburgh and Birmingham the most stressed.

Wherever you're moving, though, there are ways of minimising the hassle.

Have a clearout
There's no point shifting a load of old junk, and once you're in your new home you'll be busy. Get rid of everything you don't need now, taking things to charity or selling them.

Label boxes
Label every box with the room it's to go in - and have one box for essentials like tea, coffee, kettle, mugs and loo-roll.

Consider paying
It's not necessarily that expensive to get the removals company to pack for you - and it can save you a lot of time and trouble. There's likely to be fewer breakages too.

Contact utilities
Contact utilities firms well in advance - this is particularly important in making sure you've got broadband in your new home. And don't forget on the day of the move to take final meter readings, so you get an accurate bill.

Inform everyone
Make sure you tell banks, pension and share providers, insurance companies, loan providers, council tax, employers, schools, your broadband provider and your doctor. You can do the lot in one go through a service such as I Am Moving, here.

Redirect post
You can't count on the new owners forwarding post for you, but the Post Office will redirect it all for three, six or 12 months. It costs from £29.99 for each different last name.

Inside the home that's 8-and-a-half feet wide

Inside the home that's 8-and-a-half feet wide