Brazen thief steals package from doorstep

Luckily they didn't get to far with it


A brazen thief was caught red-handed on camera in broad daylight.

You can see her calmly walk up to a house, then cross the lawn of a home in San Jose, California, and grab a package that had been left on the porch.

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But then, the homeowner pulls up in their car just moments later as the lady hops into her getaway vehicle.

Homeowner, Heidi Burrows, said: "I was thinking to myself, I just can't believe these people are just taking my box."

So what was the alleged thief's reaction? She chucked the box out of the car window!

Heidi says she then grabbed her camera and started taking pictures of the car and its registration plate - moments later the car in question sped away.

Theft of packages and deliveries from doorsteps is a common occurrence these days, especially around Christmas time.

So, how can you stop this happening?

Arranging to have your parcels delivered to a location where someone will be there to receive it is the best option.

Alternatively, any type of security system, professional or otherwise, is likely to put most people off.

Turns out if the thieves had got away with Heidi's box they'd only be running off with some packing paper and tape - hardly a big haul!

Victims of scams and fraud

Victims of scams and fraud