Is this the most outrageous hen party ever?

Guest 'treated like a free taxi'


Young women laughing with drinks at hen party

A hen party has been described as 'the most WTF' ever after a friend of one of the guests shared the details on Mumsnet.

The woman had already forked out a deposit of more than £160 and agreed to drive other guests for seven hours - but was later told she'll have to miss out on most of the fun.

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And she hasn't even been invited to the wedding itself, or even the evening do.

"She's driving 3.5 hrs on Friday evening, taking two people. Paying £160 for 2 nights at a hotel. Couldn't get the Friday off work and told the group this - but they've arranged it so that the (paid for with her hotel money) events -spa day etc are all in the day on Friday," reads the post.

"It's being demanded she pay £50 towards a table in a club (which is 1 hr from where they're staying). And food and drink isn't included. She's then driving 3 people back on Sunday."

It's not even the bride that's demanded this, says the poster.

"The organisers have taken it upon themselves to plan what the bride doesn't want, insist on paying for her (when possibly her reason for this is because she knows there's at least one guest attending who won't be attending the wedding) and have left out 3 guests at least in their plans," she says.

Mumsnet users are divided between those that think it's outrageous exploitation - and those that think the put-upon guest is simply a walkover.

"Inviting someone to spend a bunch of money like that when they aren't invited to the wedding is extremely poor etiquette," says one.

"Knowing she can't make the Friday and arranging the spa etc. on the Friday is just nasty. Do these people even like her at all?"

But another comments: "She's being treated like an utter doormat and she's allowing it!"

While the rising cost of weddings is frequently highlighted, there's less sympathy for the plight of guests. But in a recent report from market research firm Mintel, it's been revealed that the average stag or hen party costs guests £164.

"Hen and stag parties have also become big business, morphing from what was traditionally a night out with friends into fully fledged, multi-day celebrations in their own right," says Jack Duckett, senior consumer lifestyles analyst at Mintel.

"The rising cost of stag and hen parties reflects the increasing breadth of activities groups look to include in their celebration, ranging from afternoon tea and wine tasting experiences to spa weekends abroad."

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