Police make unusual withdrawal from ATM - a man stuck inside

A man stuck in a cashpoint in Texas was freed after pushing notes through the machine for customers

A drive-through ATM in Corpus Christi, Texas, issued quite a surprise to customers on Wednesday. Drivers pulling up to the cash machine saw notes being pushed through the receipt slot begging for help.

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Apparently a contractor got trapped inside the ATM room at the Bank of America branch, while he was changing out a lock. He didn't have his phone with him, and nobody could hear him inside the branch, so out of desperation he wrote notes, and pushed them through the receipt slot.

The notes explained the situation, and asked customers to call the contractor's boss. Some people assumed it was a joke and drove away, until one eventually got out of his car, and approached the machine. He said he could hear a voice coming from the ATM and thought it was a prank, but just in case, he called the police.

Police officers kicked down the door, and discovered he had been trapped for about two hours.


It's not the first time someone has found themselves stuck in a store - and hit the headlines. One of the most memorable was October 2014 when a man was wandering around upstairs at a branch of Waterstones near Trafalgar Square, when staff locked him in for the night. He turned to Twitter to call for help, and his message was retweeted thousands of times before he eventually confirmed he had been freed.

A month later, a man in Colorado was freed from the cavity wall of a department store, after being stuck there for three days. He had apparently entered from the roof during the night - leading to plenty of speculation as to what he was actually trying to achieve. Staff had heard his cries for help for a while, but hadn't realised where they were coming from.

In March this year, a burglar in Mauléon, Pyrénées-Atlantiques became embarrassingly stuck in a shop window as he tried to climb out. He had smashed a hole in the window of a jewellery shop, and climbed in to rob it. He then tried to make his escape, but after getting his head and upper body through the window, he got trapped there. Police arrived and helped him out - before arresting him.

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