Supermarkets with dress codes - Playboy model asked to leave

What can’t you wear to the supermarket? Would you be allowed in wearing hot pants, PJs, or fancy dress?

Tanja Brockmann on Instagram

Playboy model Tanja Brockmann says she was asked to leave a supermarket in Majorca because she was showing too much flesh. She revealed her astonishment to the world's press, but she's not the first to have fallen foul of a supermarket with a dress policy.

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The German model told the papers that she was wearing a small black top that showed her stomach and hot pants, but didn't consider it an issue because she was going to the supermarket 'not to church'. A staff member told her to cover up, and when she said she had no other clothes with her, she was escorted outside.

Dress codes

It's not the first time that flashing the flesh has got people into trouble in the supermarket. Back in 2013, a Tesco branch in Tiverton in Devon banned scantily-clad people from the shop. Apparently in the summer weather, customers had stripped off, and not got dressed again before going shopping.

It posted a sign in the window that read: "To avoid causing offence or embarrassment to others, as well as for health and safety reasons, we ask that customers are appropriately dressed when visiting our stores. Shirts, tops and shoes must be worn at all times."

However, it's not just wearing too little that can get you intro trouble, because over the years other unexpected dress codes have also emerged. A Tesco in St Mellon in Cardiff banned pyjamas in 2010, and in January this year Tesco gave all store managers permission to ask customers to leave if they were wearing nightwear. It said there was no formal code, but that it tried to strike a balance that was fair on all its customers. Pyjamas, fluffy robes and slippers, made people uncomfortable, and so could be outlawed.

At the time spokespeople from Asda, Morrisons and Waitrose insisted that shoppers in appropriate nightwear were welcome at their stores.

More recently, a man was ejected from a supermarket in Preston because he was dressed as a minion, and trying to buy bananas. He was apparently on his way to cheer on friends doing a charity walk - and decided to go in costume. A spokesperson for Morrisons said: "We welcome Minions, well-behaved ones, to our stores. If he had booked in advance we'd have been happy to welcome him for a charity fundraiser."

Supermarket shopping mistakes

Supermarket shopping mistakes