Teen wins lottery twice in one week



Americans spend billions of dollars each year playing lottery games for the chance that they might come out with a winning scratchcard and change their lives forever.

This 19 year old, Rosa Dominguez, took a piece of that American dream home with her when she won top prizes on not just one, but two different cards... and she did it all in under a week.

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Her winnings? More than $655,000 (£509,00)!

Her first ticket came from an Eagle Energy gas station in Paso Robles, California, which won her $555,000 (£431,000).

Dominguez told lottery officials that when she realized she had won: "I was so nervous I just wanted to cry."

And just a few days later, she picked up a single scratchcard at a Valero gas station in Monterey County, winning a healthy prize of $100,000 (£78,000).

According to the California State Lottery, Dominguez plans on shopping and buying herself a new car with her winnings.

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