Helipads to art galleries: Property must-haves for the super-rich

The increasingly extravagant ways people are spending their money


It's getting harder and harder for first time buyers to get a foot on the property ladder but for some people it's not a case of "when" but how much they can spend.

The billionaires and multi-millionaires for whom cost is no object to their dream have increasingly extravagant ways of splashing their cash.

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From art galleries, private lifts to bring their case into their penthouse to dressing rooms bigger than some houses through to multiple kitchens and sports courts and ice hockey pitches you can have it all if you are prepared to pay.

So if you win the lottery and run out of ideas beyond "a nice four-bed detached with a big garden" here is our guide to the ultimate luxury property add ons.


Why not go for a new build which copies the classic houses of the past.

Chateau Louis XIV, just outside Paris is a mini replica of the Palace of Versailles sold for €275 million in 2015 while Le Palais Royal, a "Versailles inspired" mansion in Florida, cost £123 million.

Super-rich property 'must-haves'

Bramshill House, Hampshire, is the envy of many who want the ultimate house

Meanwhile for about a third of the price you could have had the 50,000sq ft Darlington, in Mahwah, New Jersey - a wood panel filled replica of 17th-century Bramshill House in Hampshire.

And if money isn't a consideration the Villa Les Cèdres on the French Riviera, with an asking price of £860 million is the most expensive

Credits: AFP

Les Cedres, former house of SM Leopold II, in Saint-Jean Cap Ferrat, southeastern France

The ten-bedroom former holiday home of King Leopold II of Belgium, which comes with an Olympic-size swimming pool, a ballroom, 35-acre botanical garden, 30 stables, 25 greenhouses, a chapel and concierge.


Got a load of art you need to hang somewhere, no worries, you can be like Elton John who built a gallery for his pictures at his home in Berkshire.

Or house like Bloom Valley in Idaho, come with a "gallery and art space" for $17.5million (around £11million).

Credits: Christie's International Real Estate

This luxury house comes with it's own art gallery

Or for $100million in Los Angeles there is the 20,500-square-foot Opus house with seven bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, two swimming pools, a 170 bottle champagne vault and an art collection with original Damien Hirst paintings and a portrait of Muhammad Ali by Andy Warhol.

Dressing room

In America they are called "mega closets" and it's basically somewhere to your expensive fur coats and boxes of never worn trainers - and any other clothes you buy.

Credits: Universal Images Group Editorial

A cliff top mansion in Rhode Island

At Ocean Lawn in Newport, Rhode Island, a property that sold for $11.65 million in March and the previous owner had coverted two guest bedrooms and three servants' quarters to make a big closet.

When that, too, proved too small, she converted all the rooms above to create a two-storey closet.


A fridge, a cooker and hob and sink and somewhere to butter a slice of bread is the best most of us expect.

But for the super rich they want a walk in larder, a space age Internet fridge, a £45,000 La Cornue range cooker and marble worktops.

But what they also want is at least one another kitchen for staff and professional chefs to use.

A brochure for the £28million Ashberg House in Chelsea, southwest London, promises: "The show kitchen in the open-plan dining area offers a space to display a meal when entertaining guests at a dinner party.

"The preparation of the food is kept behind the scenes in the private kitchen."


Now if you have a few quid the chances are you might be worried about your valuables.

Rest assured the super rich have this under control.

Credits: Christie's International Real Estate

There is plenty of room for art in Bloom Ranch

High walls, security cameras, hidden exits, fingerprint-activated systems, Kevlar-reinforced doors, blast-proof windows, panic rooms, and devices that when tripped release pepper spray or a fog that temporarily debilitates intruders, have been installed in the homes of the wealthy.

Just like in the Jodie Foster film Panic Room the rich have a hunger for the ultimate in security.

Kate and William's royal apartment at Kensington Palace includes a panic room with an air-filtration system, guarding against biological warfare, and an escape tunnel.

Games rooms

The idle rich have come up with multiple ways to entertain themselves and some are almost beyond belief.

Credits: John German

This £640k house comes with it's own skateboard ramp

Both David Beckham and Rod Stewart had full sized football pitches in their mansions.

But with billiards and table tennis are a bit 1990 so instead billionaires are installing ice hockey rinks with Zambonis (a machine that smooths and cleans ice) and warming areas, BMX off-road courses, and an irrigated football pitches.

Credits: Daily Record

Rod Stewart's house showing goalpost of football pitch where he once allowed Celtic team to train

One home had a slide from the master suite to the backyard pool.

And while indoor basketball courts are a staple of some luxury homes for some time, 4311 SW Greenleaf, Portland, a snip at £4million comes with an ingenious twist; it's court transforms into a formal ballroom with chandeliers and sound systems for entertaining.

And closer to home in Tunbridge Wells a house just went on sale with it's own cricket pitch.


No billionaire lifestyle is complete without a fleet of luxury cars but they need to be parked somewhere - enter the super garage.

Credits: AFP

Andriy Shevchenko has a revolving garage at his house

You can be like former Chelsea footballer Andriy Shevchenko and have an underground garage with a mechanical conveyor that stacks cars one on top of each other.

The new 60 storey Porsche Design Tower in Miami has gone a step further with an automobile elevator lift system, the Dezervator, that whisks residents and their vehicles to their luxurious home in the sky."

The penthouse has room for 11 cars and is on sale for $32.5 million.

However is you want to take to the air there is a French country manor estate in Michigan that comes with a helipad and hangar for $5.7 million.

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