Facebook can now help you find free WiFi

The company has recently rolled out a new feature

Need to send an important email, download a few songs or stream some shows but don't know if the coffee shop across the way has Wi-Fi? Facebook can help!

The company just rolled out its 'Find Wi-Fi' feature around the world for iPhone and Android phones.

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It was set up in just a handful of countries last year.

So if you're traveling on the go, you can find a connection anywhere.

It's also helpful if you're in an area where cellular data is lousy.

Just turn on the feature on your Facebook app under the "More" tab, then hit "Find Wi-Fi."

It works by locating available Wi-Fi hot spots nearby that businesses have shared with Facebook from their page.

But be careful when surfing public Wi-Fi.

A hacker can hop on the same network, inside a coffee shop, let's say, and steal data.

Businesses obviously benefit from the new feature because it gets people walking through their doors.

They just have to look up from their phones to place an order.

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