How to know when it's time to change jobs

Whether you love your job or not, change can be a good thing - even necessary sometimes.

But not every new job is a guarantee for something better.

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ADP took a look at some data and found that when it comes to switching jobs, there's a few factors that can make or break the move.

For example - the industry you're in.

Mashable reports service-centered jobs, like education and hospitality, are adding more jobs than construction and manufacturing jobs.

Meaning you can be a little picky about finding the best job for you.

Also be weary of the current situation at a new company.

Did they recently have redundancies? What is their turnover like? Are they a start up?

An ideal job in a not so ideal company could end up making you miserable.

Also before you start looking outside the comfort of the job you already have, think about ways you can improve what you already have.

ADP recently reported on a study they did that found that the quality of work, hours and flexibility are key for happiness at work.

So talk to your boss or HR about perhaps scaling back those hours or working from home more often.

A few days inside with kids running around might have you thinking your job is like being on holiday!