The richest players at Wimbledon - what are they worth?

Which Wimbledon player picked up $64 million last year? And what is Andy Murray making?


Roger Federer

Wimbledon fortnight is in full swing, with the players vying for a share of the £31.6 million prize fund. The men's and women's winners will pick up £2.2 million each - making it one of the most lucrative tournaments on the circuit. For some players this will make an enormous difference, but for the elite, this will be a very small drop in an enormous ocean of money.

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Tennis player Alex Ward recently said that earning a wild card to last year's tournament was vital in clearing his debts, and doing the same again this year will hopefully get him back onto the financial straight and narrow. For the 855th ranked player in the world, making money from the sport isn't always straightforward - especially when you're carrying an injury.

For the top players, however, their ability to make serious money seems to have no limits. We reveal the highest-earning payers in this year's tournament - according to Forbes.

1. Roger Federer
In the last year Federer made an estimated $64 million. Just $6 million is thought to have been from prize money, so that's a jaw-dropping $58 million from endorsements. Being such a winning machine, and picking up 18 grand slam titles, means that despite hitting the age of 35, he's still seen as the tennis player to have on your books. It's why everyone from Rolex and Lindt to Moet & Chandon and Mercedes have signed big money deals over the years.

2. Novak Djokovic
He became the first tennis player to win $20 million in prize money in one season - in 2015. A drop from the peak of his form saw Djokovic's income drop last year, but it's still pretty impressive. He made $9.6 million from tournaments and $28 million from endorsements - bringing him to an impressive total of $27.6 million.

3. Kei Nishikori
With earnings of $3.9 million in prize money, and $30 million in endorsements, Nishikori is actually the 26th highest earning athlete in the world. His income is boosted by the fact he is the top tennis player in Japan, and as a result has lucrative deals with everyone from Uniqlo to Tag Heuer and Jaguar to Nike.

4. Rafael Nadal
His earnings of $31.5 million come from $5.5 million in prize money and $26 million in endorsements. He holds the record for the third most earned in prize money (after Federer and Djokovic), and counts the likes of Telefonica, Banco Sabadell and Tommy Hilfiger among his endorsement deals.

5. Andy Murray
He's not the world Number 1 when it comes to income, because despite winning $14.8 million in prize money last year, he took just $14 million in endorsements - taking the total to $28.8 million. He has a fair number of deals with everyone from Under Armour to Standard Life. Andy is also a keen start-up investor through the Seedrs crowdfunding platform (which he has a stake in) - and has put his money into everything from ice cream to publishing.

6. Serena Williams
The highest paid woman on the list only makes it to number six - despite an incredible career and a record of 23 Grand Slam titles. Forbes estimated her income last year at $8 million in prize money and $19 million in endorsements - taking her to a total of $27 million. Her deals include the likes of Intel and Beats by Dr Dre, as well as Gatorade and Nike. She is also on the board of SurveyMonkey.

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