Milton Keynes top new-build property hotspot outside London

Crewe, Ilford and Salisbury were also in the top 10


Milton Keynes has been identified as Britain's top new-build property hotspot outside London.

Research from website Zoopla and property analysts Hometrack found Milton Keynes has the highest concentrations of new-build homes.

Crewe, Ilford, Salisbury, Middlesbrough and Northampton were also on the top 10 new-build hotspots list.

The findings were made by looking at new private housing starts in the previous 12 months as a percentage of all housing sales over the same period.

Zoopla spokesman Lawrence Hall said: "Clearly, areas such as Milton Keynes and Crewe are benefiting from new investment by developers."

The research found house prices in Milton Keynes have increased by 30.9% over the last five years, compared with the national average property price growth rate at 23.6%.

Mr Hall said: "New homes are typically developed in areas of high demand, which has already contributed to a rise in property values."

At the other end of the spectrum, the research found that the Shetland location of Sandness was found to have the smallest concentrations of property sales accounted for by newly-built properties.

Here are Britain's top 10 new-build hotspots outside London, according to the research from Zoopla and Hometrack:

1. Milton Keynes

2. Crewe

3. Ilford

4. Salisbury

5. Gravesend

6. Telford

7. Oxford

8. Middlesbrough

9. Shrewsbury

10. Northampton

UK property hotspots 2017 (according to Zoopla)

UK property hotspots 2017 (according to Zoopla)