Alton Towers crash victim awaiting compensation after two years

Leah Washington lost her leg in the accident at the theme park


A teenager who lost a leg in the Alton Towers rollercoaster disaster two years ago says she is still suffering pain and still waiting for compensation.

Leah Washington, 19, was on a date with her boyfriend Joe Pugh when their carriage on the Smiler Rollercoaster smashed into an empty car in June 2015.

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Another rider, Vicky Balch, lost her leg in the smash while four other people were injured at the Staffordshire theme park.

Alton Towers owner Merlin Attractions were fined £5million for health and safety breaches after a probe found the crash was due to human error restarting the ride while an empty car remained on it.

Credits: Roland Leon / Sunday Mirror

Alton Towers crash victim Leah Washington 9 weeks after the crash pictured at home with her parents David and Louise

Credits: Health and Safety Executive

CCTV of the Smiler crash at Alton Towers. Circled - the empty carriage (right) on the tracks with the carriage with passengers coming around the track (left) before impact

With experts predicting a compensation bill in the millions, Leah is reportedly facing more surgery later this year to remove a neuroma in her knee and suffers constant aches.

She has been able to walk again with a £60,000 prosthetic leg which will need replacing every few years, the Daily Mail reports.

She has all but conceded her goal to be a teacher is over - and she may also be eligible for lost income.

Credits: SWNS

Joe Pugh & Leah Washington appearing at Stafford Crown Court

For now, she was said to be keeping busy attending specialist meetings as she awaits what the compensation payout which she said was due within three years.

"It's not really a life, but it's something I'll have to live with," she told the website.

"(The compensation is) not going to bring back my leg, it's not going to bring back the life I had before.

"I still don't think I've fully come to terms with everything that's happened."

Alton Towers crash victim still awaiting compensation

Leah Washington at her home

All 16 people were eventually freed from the carriage after several hours trapped.

Pugh had his knees shattered in the incident.

The Mirror has contacted Alton Towers for comment.

A spokesperson for the park told MailOnline the company had sought to provide assistance from the outside to those injured.

People who still had outstanding claims had received significant interim payments, the company said, adding that it was in regular contact to support them.

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