How are these teens making thousands from summer jobs?

It's an innovative idea for youngsters

Some teenagers think of summer as snoozing in till noon while others use the extra months to earn some serious cash.

But life-guarding and mowing lawns are so old-fashioned.

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Teens these days are spending their summers fixing broken iPhones, and they're raking in the cash as a result.

The Wall Street Journal profiled 16 year old Grayson Shaw who reportedly took in $24,000 last summer by fixing screens, home buttons, batteries, and speakers.

He learned his trade by watching YouTube videos and Shaw got his start when he was just 12.

His mum played the classic 'fix it and it's yours' trick - so he fixed the phone but sold it for cash.

But Grayson isn't spending his earnings on what you might expect, he's investing in the stock market!

It looks like this teen's wages are set to sky-rocket in years to come.

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