Couple accidentally donate nearly £80,000 to charity

But, did they get it back?

There's a sense of accomplishment to sorting out your wardrobe and donating old clothes to charity.

After all, the house ends up cleaner and you're doing some good.

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But one couple from Ohio, USA, nearly gave away their whole house!

USA Today reported that Lynette and Dan Leckrone were saving up to buy a new house in a different town when they took nearly $100,000 (£79,000) in cash out of the bank.

The couple put the large sum of cash in a duffel bag and packed it in the boot of their car - next to boxes of clothes they wanted to donate to charity.

Now, this is exactly when the pricey mistake happened.

According to USA Today, two employees in the charity shop were sorting through the boxes when they saw the cash.

Initially thought the money must be fake, after all it's not everyday you look $100,000 in the face!

Thankfully the woman had been given a receipt for her donation and the shop was able to alert the couple of their costly mishap.

The only problem was that they weren't picking up the phone!

Eventually the police were called and the money was returned safely to the rightful owners - who hopefully took it straight back to the bank.

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