Travelling could help you land your dream job

Going on holiday could have more of a positive impact than you'd imagine

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If you've got good management skills, you're a fast thinker and you have solid references you might think you've got a very good chance of bagging the job of your dreams.

But what about that vacation to Peru?

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A new survey from Hostelworld found 82% of employers think travelling makes people more employable.

The survey looked at travellers and employers in nine countries and 62% admitted that their travelling helped them figure out life.

Working abroad also upped an employee's resume game according to the survey and almost half met someone who helped get them their current job.

The survey also said travelling boosts confidence and helps us adapt to difficult situations.

Travelling is said to help people communicate better - so it looks like it's time to break out your passport and hop on a plane because, according to this study, travelling could have major payback!

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