Five award-winning wines for less than £6

Sometimes you get more than you pay for - fantastic wines for under £6


Award-winning wine

Ask any wine boffin and they'll tell you that for a really high quality bottle of wine, you need to spend £15 or more. Ask any wine drinker, on the other hand, and the thought of spending much more than £5 a bottle is difficult to get very enthusiastic about. Fortunately, you can hunt down the exceptions to the rule, and we have tracked down five bottles of wine for less than £6 each - one of them costs just £3.30.

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A study, by, revealed that some of the biggest award-winning bargains are to be found in the International Wine Challenge Merchant Awards. This year, none of the really affordable winners can be snapped up from your local supermarket, but that shouldn't put you off, because they can be bought with relative ease - and constitute a stunning bargain,

1. At the International Wine Challenge Merchant Awards 2017, The Vinho Verde Trophy, for Portuguese white wine, went to Muralhas de Monacao, 2016. Wine merchant Vinha is selling this for an impressive £3.30 a bottle. You will have to pay for delivery, but even after that has been added to the price, you're looking at a massive bargain.

2. Also at the International Wine Challenge Merchant Awards this year, Bobal Icon (2016), Pagos De Familia Vega Tolosa, took the Manchuela Bobal Trophy. This red is on offer at £4.91 a bottle from Uvinium.

3. The third and final bargain-basement winner at the International Wine Challenge Merchant Awards this year was, Finca Luzon (2016), which took the Jumilla Trophy. is selling this for £4.36 per bottle, or £4.19 if you buy six.

Buying a wine you have never heard from, from a merchant based overseas, isn't something that many of us do. We'd much rather travel no further than the wine aisle of out local supermarket. However, as these examples show, if you are willing to try something a bit different, you can pick up an astonishingly cheap award-winning wine.

If you want a winner you can pick up from the supermarket, then recently, Aldi has had the lion's share of the bargain winners.

4. One great option is Aldi's Esteves Chilean Pinot Noir, which picked up a silver award at the International Wine Challenge in 2016 - and costs just £4.79

5. Finally, and most expensively on this list, was the cheapest winner at the affordable wines awards, run by the International Wine Challenge. The Exquisite Collection Cotes de Provence Rosé 2016 costs £5.99 from Aldi.

But what do you think? Would you give these wines a go? And for £6 or less, do you really have anything to lose? Let us know in the comments.

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