Who offers worse value for money: Arsenal or Tottenham?

The average Premier League goal costs £12 - but where’s the best and worst value for money?

Best and worst value football clubs

If only you had the chance to go back in time to the moment when you selected the football team you'd support for the rest of your life. Think of how much heartache you could have saved yourself with a better choice. In fact, that's not the only saving you could have made, because a new study shows that you could have picked a team offering much better value for money too.

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The study, by Voucherbox, used the cost of the average season ticket to work out how much fans paid to watch their team score each goal last season.

It discovered that the worst value for money was to be found at Arsenal, where fans paid £27.52 for each goal scored. The team managed an impressive 55 goals during the season, but they were scuppered by the eye-watering cost of an Arsenal ticket.

Likewise Tottenham, in second place, managed 56 goals, which is not to be sniffed at. Unfortunately the ticket price means this comes in at £23.75 per goal.

Manchester United were in third place at £19.50 per goal - despite a disappointing season that saw them score just 38 goals. Southampton were in fourth place, with 38 goals at £18.34 per goal, and fifth were West Ham, with 50 goals at £13.89 per goal.

There is a sign, however, that money isn't everything when it comes to football.

The best value for money was to be found at relegated Hull's KCOM stadium, where fans witnessed 63 goals for a reasonably priced £432 season ticket - putting the cost of each goal at just £6.86. Ironically relegated Sunderland did well according to this particular measure too - in third place at £8.55 per goal.

If we were chasing the money, we wouldn't bother supporting English football at all. Even Hull offered worse value for money per goal than the worst value in the Bundesliga. The average cost of a goal in Germany's top division is just £9.17.

If only we could turn back the clock to when we were picking teams as kids. Perhaps then we'd all be counting the money we'd saved by becoming Bayern München fans.