Where you get less than €1 for your £1

The worst airport exchange rates revealed

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Travellers off on their holiday this week could be in for a shock if they're changing their money at the airport.

Following the general election, the pound has fallen yet further, and seven airports are valuing the pound at just €1. Another five are actually offering less than €1 to the pound.

According to currency experts FairFX, the worst offender amongst the 15 UK airports surveyed was Southampton, offering a pound-euro rate of just €0.90. Stansted Airport was second-worst, at €0.96.

"The pound has suffered over the past year due to the uncertainty caused by Brexit and, most recently, the fallout surrounding the general election," says FairFX CEO Ian Strafford-Taylor.

"However, rates as low as €0.90 are nothing short of extortionate and it's clear that consumers are being taken advantage of."

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It makes much more sense to buy your euros anywhere but the airport. Right now, for example, you'll get €1.11 from from Thomas Exchange Global.

In order to get the most for your pounds, you could consider setting up a currency tracker which will alert you to when rates move in your favour. You can then seize advantage of a good rate by pre-loading a currency card in advance of your trip.

"One in 10 consumers leave their travel money until the last minute but hopefully this research will raise the alarm in the danger of doing this," says Strafford-Taylor.

"Planning ahead is the only way you'll get the best value for money and have more control over the rates you get – and stop yourself falling victim to rip-off rates which will cost you big."

The worst airport exchange rates

1. Southampton, Moneycorp: €0.900
2. Stansted, Moneycorp: €0.960
3. Southend, Moneycorp: €0.975
4. Birmingham, ICE: €0.980
5. Gatwick, Moneycorp: €0.980
6. Edinburgh, ICE: €1.000
7. Heathrow T3, Travelex: €1.000
8. Bristol, Moneycorp: €1.001
9. London City, Travelex: €1.003
10. Manchester, Travelex: €1.004
11. Luton, ICE: €1.010
12. Belfast, ICE: €1.030
13. Cardiff, ForExchange: €1.060
14. Gatwick, ICE: €1.100
15. Norwich, ICE: €1.100

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