Albert Einstein's letters go up for auction

They're expected to fetch more than £15,000

Albert Einstein is currently the topic of a scripted National Geographic TV Show and his popularity isn't waning.

A set of letters written by the famous theoretical physicist are currently up for auction.

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The letters, sent between 1951 and 1954, were sent to David Bohm, a friend and colleague who worked with Einstein at Princeton before fleeing to Brazil after his links to the Communist party were revealed.

The letters will be auctioned from his wife's estate.

She passed away and her family has decided to sell the letters featuring the genius's signature and words of wisdom.

In the letters the two correspond about the possibility of Bohm going to the newly independent Israel and although Einstein was against this plan of action, it is ultimately what Bohm chose to do.

Einstein also discusses God in the letters saying in part: "If God has created the world his primary worry was certainly not to make its understanding easy for us."

The letters are expected to sell for at least $20,000 (£15,600), and the new owners will have a testament to the importance of mentoring.

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