The UK’s most expensive rental property: £90,000 a week

How can any flat be worth £90,000 a week? And why are people wiling to pay it?


Zoopla flat to rent in London

£90,000 would buy you a three-bedroom house in Gateshead, a two-bedroom flat in Coventry, or a two-bedroom terrace in a village near Cardiff. Alternatively, you could blow the lot on a single week's rent on a flat. But why would anyone want to do that?

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The UK's most expensive rental property is a five-bedroom flat on London's Park Lane in the iconic Sir Edward Lutyens building. And for your money, you get a combination of snob value and real luxury.

UK's most expensive rental property

The penthouse flat comes with five double bedrooms - each with a marble en-suite bathroom

UK's most expensive rental property

There's a Poggenpohl kitchen, four reception rooms, a study - complete with a baby grand piano, and a cinema room.

Once you get bored of wandering around surveying the opulence inside, you can enjoy the spectacular views from the balcony instead.

You don't have to mix with lower floors in the rest of the building, because you have your own private lift - although if you can bear to meet members of the public, you can take advantage of shared facilities including the fitness room, the restaurant, and use of the in house Aston Martin Rapide.

The car that comes with UK's most expensive rental

Who would pay this?

The incredible cost seems ridiculous and unimaginably unaffordable for normal people, but the estate agent points out that the flat is set up to offer all the advantages of an ultra-luxurious, secure five star hotel - complete with a maid service and 24-hour concierge. Given that a suite at the Dorchester Hotel down the road would set you back more than £4,000 a night for two, an extended family taking a week in this apartment is actually the bargain option.

And while this is the priciest posh London flat on the rental market, it's far from the only penthouse being used in this way. There's a five -bedroom Hyde Park penthouse available for £65,000 a week, a one-bedroom flat that's part of the Four Seasons off Park Lane for £60,000 a week, and a penthouse in Hyde Park itself for £40,000 a week.

It goes to show that despite all the talk of price falls in prime central London, and rental falls in the capital as a whole - life is still guilded and money is still no object for the many international Billionaires who call London home.

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