Why is this nanny job paying £50,000? Would you dare?

Would you take this job on? Do you have a strong enough disposition?


Nanny job in a haunted house

It sounds like a fabulous job opportunity for anyone keen to make some serious money while working with children. You get a fabulous income of £50,000 a year, plus 28 days holiday, and free accommodation in a stunning historic home - with your own room, kitchen and bathroom. You are looking after two young children, in a 'friendly family'.

So why have five nannies quit already this year?

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The family is advertising the role on childcare.co.uk. It's not an easy job. The parents, who live in the Scottish Borders, are a busy working couple, and spend up to four nights a week working away from home. For those days and nights you'll be in sole charge. However, plenty of people do this kind of nannying job in far more expensive locations, for far less money. So why does it pay more than twice the going rate? And why have so many nannies quit?


The answer lies further down in the listing, where the family say they feel it's important "to be as up-front as possible to find the right person". They admit that the issue lies in the home itself. They explain: "We have lived in our home for nearly 10 years. We were told it was 'haunted' when we bought it, but kept our minds open and decided to buy the house regardless. Five nannies have left the role in the last year, each citing supernatural incidents as the reason, including strange noises, broken glass and furniture moving."

They add that they have never seen any of these strange things themselves, and it has only happened when the nannies have been in sole charge. They're keen to secure a long-term nanny as soon as possible, to avoid any more upheaval for the children.

Richard Conway, founder and CEO of Childcare.co.uk said: "When we saw the advert we were stunned. Some of the guys at HQ were sceptical but after talking to the family and their previous employees we realised it was a genuine position. We have hundreds of thousands of providers on the site and we're hoping that one of them will be able to help them."

"The family has assured us that no harm has come to anyone living in the house, however the nanny will have to have a strong disposition!"

How does it compare?

The good news for this family is that there are plenty of people who do jobs that would freak most people out - and actively choose to do so. Britain's most haunted hotels and pubs all find staff. Compare this rate of pay to that of a housekeeper, who gets £12,000 a year on average to clean haunted rooms.

Then there are those who work with the dead for less than this nanny will make. The average funeral director receives around £30,000 a year. And in that role you are guaranteed to be spending time in graveyards, carrying coffins, and sharing your office with the deceased. A gravedigger, meanwhile, can expect to make between £11,000 and £25,000.

The question is whether you are prepared to overlook a ghost in return for a fabulous rate of pay in a lovely part of the country. What did you think? Would you do it?

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