Private islands of the rich and famous

Once you've reached a certain level of fame and fortune, then it's hard to get away from it all. Even with a beach house in Malibu, or a flash villa in a desirable resort, you're still going to have to spend your holiday with members of the public - and risk having your sunbathing interrupted by fans and selfie-seekers.

If you want to let your stomach muscles relax, strip down to your 'dad bod', or hang out with new friends without starting all sorts of colourful rumours - then it's time to invest in a private island.

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And some famous faces have done just that - in some cases spending millions of dollars on an island getaway.

Johnny Depp invested in a Caribbean island - it apparently stretches over 45 acres and has six private beaches. He named one of the beaches after his daughter Lily-Rose.

Country power-couple Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have an island in the Caribbean of their own - this is spread over 17 acres, and is called Goat Cay. They built a main property for themselves - and separate cottages for visiting friends.

Tyler Perry bought himself a Caribbean island for his 40th birthday, where he says he likes to go in order to get away from it all.

Steven Spielberg, meanwhile, went for an island in the Madeira archipelago. It's technically two islands merged into one - and the director apparently likes to have them both uninhabited.

Some stars, meanwhile, have decided to turn their private islands into money-spinners. Leonardo DiCaprio went for a Belizean island. He spent $1.75 on the unpopulated island back in 2005, and apparently plans to build an eco-resort there.

Perhaps the most famous Brit with an island of his own is Richard Branson who bought Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands almost 40 years ago. His famous guests have included Prince Harry, Tony Blair, and Kate Winslet (who was famously there when fire broke out in 2011). The multi-millionaire is still known to visit, but when he's elsewhere, the island is available for rental for up to 34 guests - at £1,866 per person, per night.