Homes expert urges more building options to house generations of families


More options for the building of homes which can accommodate several generations of the same family should be explored by the next government, according to property expert Sarah Beeny. 

With voting under way, the owner of estate agent said whoever wins the General Election should focus on the types of homes being built, and on redeveloping run-down areas, as part of the drive to boost housebuilding.

Ms Beeny said there should be targets for the number of affordable homes being built each year.

She continued: "I'm also a huge advocate of specialist homes - including homes for older people and multi-generational homes - as the way many of us live is changing and it's something which needs to be explored."

As people live for longer and younger generations struggle to get on the property ladder amid rising house prices, homes suitable for several generations of the same family to live in at the same time may be an attractive option for some.

Ms Beeny also said homes need to be built in an "organic way around centres where people want to live", with a focus on encouraging smaller construction firms to enter the market.

She said: "There's huge swathes of run-down, almost derelict areas in cities and towns around the country, and I think money would be best spent redeveloping these and transforming them into suburbs people want to live in."

Ms Beeny added: "There has been a chronic shortage of properties being built for far too long now, which has resulted in more people being priced out of the market every year.

"New houses, including starter and affordable homes, are the lifeblood of the property market, as they allow first-time buyers - including low earners - to enter the market."