£770 stock investment turns into £1.5m fortune

The 98-year-old never cashed in the stocks

More than 70 years ago Russ Gremel of Chicago purchased about $1,000 (£770) in Walgreen stock.

He never cashed it in and over the decades it grew to a whopping $2 million (£1.5m) in value.

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Recently, at the age of 98, he donated those shares to the Illinois Audubon Society.

The money was used in the establishment of a wildlife refuge in Dixon, Illinois.

It covers roughly 400 acres and is home to about 170 bird species and a number of turtles.

The man has said that he gave the money away to do some good and noted that he 'just doesn't need it'.

Notably he's not actually a multi-millionaire or even close to such levels of financial comfort.

According to the Chicago Tribune he just enjoys the pleasures of a simple life and says his has been a 'hell of a good one'.

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