Swiss Army Knife style wallet unveiled

There's room for everything!

Do you ever struggle to find things in your wallet?

Or maybe you get annoyed that you don't have the space to keep everything in there that you need?

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Well, look no further because all your problems have been solved!

The 'MKC Wallet' is the Swiss Army Knife of the wallet world.

It combines the most important things you can carry - keys, cards and cash.

It even has handy tools inside like a bottle opener, perfect for those summer days in the park.

That's not all, there's a USB drive too for those all-important work presentations you can't afford to leave behind.

The wallet is made from full grain leather and is incredibly durable and lightweight.

Thanks to its compact design you can say goodbye to bulky pockets that jingle and poke you.

You can also customise the layout and design of your wallet so you can put the things you use the most at the front.

Crazy inventions you need now

Crazy inventions you need now