Handbag sells for nearly £295,000 at auction

It's the highest price ever spent on a Birkin bag at a Christie's auction

A Hermes Birkin bag is a treasure if you can afford to buy one new, but like a fine wine, these bags cost more with age.

A Christie's auction of Hermes handbags in Hong Kong set a new record for the highest price ever spent on a Birkin Bag in their auctions.

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This Himalayan Bag produced in 2014 sold for a whopping $380,000 (£294,550) at auction.

It's more than just a bag though, it's also a type of jewelry with 18k gold buckles, and strap loops covered in 205 diamonds.

Described on the auction website as: "A rare matte white Himalaya Niloticus crocodile Birkin".

The bag was coveted by wealthy collectors with what is described as 10-15 minutes of intense bidding.

The Himalayan Birkin bags are rare because they only produce one or two per year due to the extensive dying process of the crocodile skin.

Let's hope that whoever carries this bag can afford the armed guards they will need to accompany them.

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