Cancer patient wins lottery - twice in three months

Plans to spend money on treatment

It's hard to think of anyone that needs to win the lottery more than a cancer patient - particularly in the US, where medical costs can cause bankruptcy.

So when it happens to somebody twice in the space of three months, it's little surprise that the world cheers.

Gina Short, of North Carolina, has been battling breast cancer for the last six years and is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

Earlier this month, she won $250,000 in the state's All or Nothing lottery. "We kind of didn't believe it," says Gina. "We checked the same ticket six or seven times because we thought we misread it."

Her win would be a life-changing amount - for anyone that hadn't just won £1 million, that is. And back in February, that's exactly what happened, with a win in the Ultimate Millions second-chance drawing.

"If you would have told me, in a million years I still wouldn't have believed you," Gina said at the time.

"I would have said, 'No you've got the wrong girl,' because that's what I said to them when they told me I had cancer, 'No you've got the wrong girl.'"

She plans to use the cash to cover her medical treatment.

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It's a heart-warming story - especially given that so many lottery winners appear to be completely undeserving of their luck.

Late last year, for example, we reported on the case of Edward Putman, a convicted rapist who claimed a £2.5 million win. Camelot even believes that his winning ticket was faked - but can't prove it, as it later lost the ticket.

Last year, Ronnie Music, of Georgia in the US, chose an unusual way to invest his $3 million lottery win: funding a crystal meth ring. He was later convicted of federal drug trafficking and firearm charge.

In the UK, the most undeserving lottery winner may be Michael Carroll, the self-styled 'King of Chavs'. Back in 2002, he won £7.7 million, bought a mansion, and promptly started making his neighbours' lives a misery.

He was given an ASBO for harassing his neighbours and was twice jailed for drugs offences and affray - but ended up working in a biscuit factory after blowing his winnings on drugs, parties and prostitutes.

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