You can now send your ashes into space

But it's not cheap...

Most people at one point or another during their lifetime wish they could go into space.

According to the FAI, only 553 people have ever been to space, so the chances are pretty slim.

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Well, that number is going to get a lot higher! Elysium Space has partnered with Space X to send portions of a person's cremated remains into orbit for $2,500 (£1,920).

If you want your loved one's remains to go to the moon, you'll have to fork out a steep $10,000 (£7,680).

The company will send you a kit with a little engraved box to place a small amount of remains in, which you will then ship back to them.

The boxes will be placed among other boxes in a space ready box and placed in a capsule on Space X's Falcon 9.

From there you can track your loved one's journey through the company's app during the two year expedition, which will end by reentering the earth's atmosphere and resemble a shooting star.

Considering it'll cost America $81M in 2018 to send one astronaut into space through Russia's shuttle service, these options are comparatively affordable.