Is energy efficiency the key to selling your home?

Security and broadband are some more of the most important things for house-buyers


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Want to sell your home quickly? Then make sure you have energy efficient central heating and double glazing, according to

A new survey from the comparison site has found energy efficiency, security and good broadband are some of the most important things for house-buyers.

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Open plan kitchens and living areas, as well as period features, all fail to make the top 20 'must-have' property features.

Most surprisingly, only 1 in 10 (13%) said good local schools were an essential factor when buying a new home.

What if you're looking to buy?

If you're buying or just looking to get on the housing ladder, you'll either agree or disagree with this list of 'must-haves'. Perhaps there's a few of your own you would prioritise more.

However, before you start creating your own essential features, there are some other things you need to think about.


The first question you should ask yourself, particularly if you're a first-time buyer, is how big a mortgage can I afford? This will dictate what kind of properties you should be looking at.


The amount you can afford to pay as a deposit will greatly affect how much you have to repay every month. A bigger deposit means a smaller mortgage. It can be worthwhile saving up for a larger deposit, so you have more manageable mortgage repayments.

Stamp duty

The greatest expense, other than the deposit and monthly repayments, will be Stamp Duty. How much you'll have to pay depends on the value of the property.

Stamp Duty is just one of the extra home buying costs, which people just don't think about. Find out more about what else you've have to budget for in this short video.

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