Do you have the UK's most horrible boss?

Survey reveals managers' worst habits


It's not unusual to spend more time with your boss than you do with your partner - and they can drive you mad far faster.

Two in three of us, says jobs site Glassdoor, have had an annoying boss, and more than one in five has quit as a result. It's the case even when people say they like the company itself: "The saying 'you don't leave your company, you leave your manager' still holds true today," says David Whitby, Glassdoor UK country manager.

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The biggest problem most people have with their boss is 'disrespectful' behaviour, which can be anything from ignoring employees to taking credit for other people's work.

However, a third complain that their boss has a 'negative attitude', and 7% say they're upset by sexist statements. An unhappy 4% say their boss has body odour.

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So how do people handle an awful boss?

Four in ten people say they just ignore a horrible manager - but bad bosses should beware, as nearly one in five people say they gossip about them to colleagues. Only 12% have the nerve to confront the boss and ask for the behaviour to stop.

Horrible bosses seem to be pretty evenly spread around the country, with about 60% of people complaining of one - but the type of unpleasantness varies. English bosses, it seems, have a tendency to make off-colour jokes and sexist remarks, while the Welsh are apparently lazier and the Scots 'negative' in attitude.

Sometimes, a boss can equal The Office's David Brent for rudeness - like the Subway manager who was alleged to have told one young employee: " "You were c**p last week. This week you are the toilet paper!"

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On other occasions, though, you have to wonder where the fault really lies. This time last year, for example, a French man attempted to sue his company and his boss - because his job was so boring.

The 10 Most Common Bad Boss Traits for the UK
Disrespectful - 43%
Negative attitude -34%
Lazy - 23%
Always talking about himself/herself - 16%
Inappropriate humour - 10%
Comes in late - 10%
Leaves early - 10%
Swearing 8%
Loud phone calls - 8%
Sexist comments -7%

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