Leaked: the secret way to get free one-hour delivery from Tesco

Sign-up for trial service revealed


A screen from the app showing free delivery

Tesco is testing a new app that gives customers free delivery, instantly, with no minimum spend - and we can tell you how to get it.

The app, called Tesco Now, allows customers to order up to 20 items, with free delivery within 60 minutes, and is currently available in London's Zones 1 and 2.

Your order, made via a phone app, is passed on to a courier who personally visits a store, buys your items, and then delivers them by bicycle.

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Right now, the service is free, although the website indicates that by the time it launches officially it will cost "£5.99 delivery within 60 minutes... or £4.99 if two hours is fast enough for you".

Tesco Now has been under wraps for two years, but came to light when bargain hunter Tom Church of LatestDeals.co.uk spotted a Quiqup bicycle courier delivering Tesco carrier bags, who explained to him how it works.

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Tom says that when he tried the service, he ordered a single bottle of beer - and it arrived still cold.

"I asked my flatmate what they thought of the app. The first thing he asked was 'do they have paracetamol?'," says Tom.

"He had a stinking headache and would have paid any price to get his hands on some there and then. I can see many examples of this where Tesco Now would be useful."

Other members of LatestDeals.co.uk said they relished the idea of 'fakeaways': ordering their favourite meals from Tesco and enjoying them as a takeaway.

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So how do you get the app?

While Tesco Now hasn't yet been officially released, you can get a trial version of the app if you follow these steps:

First, you need to install a special app on your phone that developers use to test their apps. For Android, you should install HockeyApp; for Apple iOS, download TestFlight.

Second, you should send an email to operations.tesconow@uk.tesco.com" with either "I'd like Tesco Now for Android" or "I'd like Tesco Now for iOS" in the subject line. This is an automated service, so you must use those specific words.

You will then receive an automated email response within 48 hours with a unique link to download Tesco Now through HockeyApp or TestFlight.

"This is a major move for Tesco. It plonks them right in the middle of the battle for instant delivery. They're taking on Amazon Fresh and even the likes of Deliveroo, a company recently valued at over £1 billion," says Tom.

"CEO Dave Lewis is a marketing man, and I can understand why he'd want to test this. Fast delivery is a major sell for consumers."

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