Asda flash sale: huge discounts on phones, games and technology

Asda prices slashed: games for £4 and TVs for £167

Asda huge discounts from

A flash sale at Asda has seen some massive bargains hit the shelves. Xbox and PS4 games have been slashed to as little as £4, 43 inch TVs are on sale from £167 and the Microsoft Lumia 550 (EE) is down from £64.97 to £15. The official line is that the main sale is set to go live on Thursday, but eagle-eyed deal-hunters have spotted some incredible discounts in stores already.

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The deals are the result of what is known in the trade as a 'Toxic Sale'. The idea is to sell off 'toxic stock' that has been sitting around on the shelves for too long - usually around 13 weeks. The company makes a nationwide decision to stop selling certain things, and sell off any that are still hanging around at a huge discount. The deals on offer at your local Asda will depend on whether they still have any of the items left cluttering up the shelves.

Bargain hunters took to to share their best finds, and to let each other know which stores had deals, and which had been cleaned out.

Among the best deals were:

Barnsley store
Blu-ray movies 2 for £10
KitSound Bluetooth headphones down to £5 from £15

Birchwood store
Panasonic DAB radio for £16
Star Wars LEGO from £4 (was £19.97)

Chapeltown, Sheffield store
Roku Streaming Stick for £10

Govan store
Panasonic DS500b 40 inch TV £227

Harrogate store
PES 17 for PS4 for £6

Hull Anlaby store
Furby Boom £19

Queensferry store
Goodman's Soundbar for £13
LG 43" TV for £167
Headphones reduced from £15 to £1
Xbox and PS4 games for £4

Toryglen store
Xbox One wireless controller with charge kit £33

Warrington store
Games including Battleborn for £2, Dark Souls 3 for £7, Dead Island Definitive Edition (Xbox One) for £8 and Far Cry Primal (Xbox One) for £6

Weston Super Mare store
PES 17 for Xbox One for £6

ASDA Phone Shops at various locations including Trafford Park, Milton Keynes, Walsall, Preston, Watford and Gateshead.
Moto E3 4G (Unlocked) down from £90 to £70
Microsoft Lumia 550 (EE) down from £64.97 to £15
Sandisk Connect 64GB down from £90 to £27
Motorola Focus 85 (home monitoring camera) down from £69 to £21

The deal hunters say it's worth checking what's available at your local store - possibly by phoning in advance so you don't risk a wasted trip. They add that it's worth doing this as soon as possible, as there is limited stock.

If you were planning to buy any of these items, then this is your chance to pick up a brilliant discount. Of course, the usual rules apply: if you weren't going to buy it at full price, you're not saving any money by buying it at a discount, so if in doubt, keep your cash and make the biggest saving of all.

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Shopping: when spending more isn't always better