Woman inherits fast-food chain, becomes billionaire

This woman is now one of the youngest female billionaires in the United States.

Lynsi Snyder just gained full control of In-N-Out Burger.

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The company is one of the most popular burger chains in the USA.

The 35-year-old just inherited the remaining 50% of the company's shares, having acquired the first 50% when she turned 30.

She became president of the company seven years ago.

Despite her public role, Snyder rarely speaks to the press, but in a video released in January, she offered some insight into her life.

She spoke about her four marriages, her father's battle drug and alcohol addiction - he eventually died of a drug overdose 1999.

Her grandparents opened the fast food chain in 1948 and Snyder inherited the company in 2006.

She has helped the company expand with 324 restaurants in six states.

She hasn't changed much in the company, and it still prides itself on its simple menu.