Free ice cream, biscuits, coke, coffee and nail varnish

Freebie Friday from Coca-Cola, Caffe Nero, Mackies, Nails Inc and Lotus

Free ice cream, biscuits, Coke, coffee and nail varnish

You deserve a little treat every now and then. You work hard, and have a lot on your plate, so every-so-often, you deserve to put your feet up with a little bit of what you fancy.

This week we've made treating yourself even more pleasurable with everything from free ice cream to free biscuits and free coffee.

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Free ice cream
Magic Freebies has discovered that Mackies is running a deal at the moment, giving away free tubs of Mackies ice cream and a bar of chocolate. All you have to do is invent a recipe featuring them both, then pop onto the website and submit it. If you take a photo of your completed recipe, you'll get a free extra bar or tub too. The only rule is that it cannot have been featured before, so check the site before you submit your recipe.

Free coke
Sainsbury's is offering free bottles of Coke Zero - so you can try the new recipe for nothing. Just add a 1.75l bottle to your online shop, set a delivery date by the 16th May, enter the code COKEZERO at the checkout, and you'll get the bottle for free.

Free biscuits
The users of have spotted that Lotus Bischoff is tempting shoppers to try them for free. All you have to do is pick up one in store featuring the 'try me free' sticker, then any time before 30th September, enter your details onto the website to claim your money back.

Free coffee
The Virgin Red app is a freebie that connects you with deals. The idea is that you get some just by downloading the app and completing few details, and others by linking the app to Virgin services you already use. The users of have highlighted that one you'll get in return for doing a few mindless quizzes is a buy-one-get-one free deal from Caffe Nero. The user who posted it suggested that if you only want one coffee, you could ask your barista to stamp a full loyalty card, so you can pick up your freebie next time.

Free nail varnish
It's not technically entirely free, because it comes with a £4.30 magazine, but it's worth mentioning because it's such a good offer. If you buy May's Elle magazine you'll get a free Nails Inc nail varnish - which usually costs £11 each. If you buy it in Asda at the moment, you'll also get a copy of Cosmopolitan magazine for free too (normally £1) - so that's £16.30 worth of treats for an impressively small £4.30.

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