Noel Edmonds requests £50m compensation from Lloyds Bank

He claims he lost millions as a result of the HBOS scam


He famously fronted hit quiz show Dear Or No Deal.

But veteran television presenter Noel Edmonds was demanding a very big deal, this week - after requesting £50 million compensation from Lloyds Bank.

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In a letter to the company's chief executive, Antonio Horta-Osorio, the 68 year-old said he lost millions as a result of the infamous HBOS scam.

Six people were jailed in February for defrauding small business owners of £245 million between 2003-2007. The money they stole funded holidays, yachts and sex parties.

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Noel Edmonds was financially and emotionally affected by the HBOS fraud, his lawyers claim

Now, lawyers for Mr Edmonds say the incident didn't just cause financial damage to his media empire, but also caused him 'deep distress and public humiliation'.

Previously, Lloyds said they were expecting to pay-out £100 million in compensation to victims.

However, if Edmond's claim is successful, then that sum could be significantly increased.

Speaking about the missive, Edmonds said: "I confirm my lawyers have sent a detailed claim letter seeking compensation from Lloyds for the losses that I suffered as a result of fraud committed against me by one of its managers.

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Noel Edmonds on 'Deal or No Deal' 2006

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Lloyds Bank are expected to pay at least £100 million in compensation to victims

"I am now trusting that Mr Horta-Osório is true to his word and ensures that I am 'fairly, swiftly and appropriately' compensated for both the destruction of my businesses and the significant damage to my reputation.

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The HBOs fraud shocked the industry and saw the imprisonment of six bankers

"If he is not, then I will pursue my claim against Lloyds via the courts."

His lawyer, Jonathan Coad, added: "Noel has waited 10 years to see justice done after his business empire was brought down by Mr Dobson's fraud, and if the Lloyds review process does not provide the recompense due to Noel then all the necessary ordinance, including litigation funding, is in place to start legal proceedings."

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Victims of scams and fraud

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