The Italian town that will pay you to live there

You could cash in on €2,000!

Are you looking for a drastic move?

You could be in luck because this small town will actually pay you to relocate.

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The only catch is that it's in Italy...

The mayor of the town in north western Italy is offering to pay €2,000 (£1,670) to anyone who is willing to move there.

Bormida is a picturesque village in Liguria and its population has dwindled to just 394 residents.

The town is hoping this incentive will attract newcomers otherwise depopulation could threaten the town's existence.

In addition to the cash, Mayor Daniele Galliano is promising to have small property rentals available, which can go for as little as €50 (£40).

Even though there isn't much to do in Bormida there are four restaurants and a church.

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